Cost of Living in Venice, FL

Venice is a beautiful gem of a city, situated on the south-eastern end of Florida, USA. With a residential headcount of just over 25,000, we understand why you’re considering moving here. When moving, it’s crucial to consider the cost of living in Venice Florida.

This coast-hugging city has been voted one of the top ten Happiest Seaside Towns. And it rings true when you experience the warm, welcoming spirit of the locals.

Why Choose Venice, Florida?

There are so many benefits to living in Venice, Florida. There are more than eight prominent beaches, with 14 miles of beachfront stretching along the flank of the city and its surrounds, from Caspersan in the south to Nokomis in the North.

Venice Beach is probably the most famous beach town, and is where Venice gets its nickname of “shark tooth capital of the world”. This isn’t because of sharks circling in the waters, but rather because of the currents from the Gulf Of Mexico depositing shark teeth on the beach.

Venice also has more than 40 parks where you can spend time outdoors, walking the dog (or the family), playing frisbee, or taking a nature hike. The beauty of these activities is that there is no cost to enjoying the outdoors.

If you’re a fan of fishing, you’ll love Venice too. The Venice Fishing pier is probably one of the best fishing spots in Venice. You can even go fishing with the pros and learn a few tricks. Running and kayaking are quite popular too, with the many waterways of Venice offering prime kayaking spaces.

Avid birders will love Venice, thanks to the thousands of birds that migrate to the city and further south. The best place to enjoy birdwatching is probably the Venice Area Audubon Rookery, which is also one of the best places to take photos of birds.

So let’s dive into the details and paint you a picture of what the cost of living is, in Venice Island.

Understand The Cost of Living in Venice Florida 

The cost of living in Venice, Florida, carries a slightly higher price tag than the national average. But the lifestyle, community, and beauty of the city make it worth the cost. 

Above The National Average

The cost of living in Venice, Florida, is on par with the Sarasota County cost of living index – the county in which you’ll find Venice. At 102.9 in the overall index, it is slightly higher than the cost of living in the state of Florida.

For an individual, the overall cost of living in Venice, Florida is around $1,714 p/m. This includes housing, groceries, utilities, transportation, leisure, and sports. This is slightly above the average Venice salary, which is around $1,500 after tax.

Cost of Housing in Venice, FL

Moving to Venice, Florida, does come with a slightly higher price tag than the national average, at 105.8, on the cost-of-living index. However, it is lower than the cost of living in Sarasota County, which sits at 114.4.

The median cost of a house in Venice is around $320,100. You’ll find that the majority of home styles in Venice are single-story ranchers and bungalows, taking inspiration from Mediterranean architecture. Luxury homes can also be found, especially along the coastline.

Venice Island

One of the most desirable areas to live in is Venice Island. It is near the core of the “old” city, downtown, and has some of the most beautiful – but more expensive – properties. You’re looking at about $695,000, for a three-bedroom and two-bathroom property, to factor into your cost of living in Venice, Florida.

You’ll see many beautifully restored Spanish-style homes, along with mid-century ranch-style homes. Townhouses are also being built up due to the demand for properties in this area.

But it’s easy to see why Venice Island claims the property prices it does, being within walking distance from the shopping district, and a quick bike ride to the beach. It is also the epicenter of many of the city’s events, including the Shark’s Tooth Festival, Saturday morning farmers market, concerts in the gazebo, and the lighted holiday parade.

Casey Key

Casey Key brings a lush, tropical feel to your lifestyle. The nine-mile-long area is one of the most exclusive in Venice, with wealthy homeowners flying private jets in and out of Venice Airport.

The price of a property in this area ranges between $1 million – $10 million, and new homes are being built up to the highest hurricane code and design trends, which is indicative of the pricing.

Myakka River

If you’re a nature lover, then you’ll want to explore the Myakka River. It’s a private gated neighborhood, set amongst shady trees, natural vegetation, and wildlife including deer, birds, alligators, and freshwater fish.

There is lots of space and privacy, which makes this neighborhood very attractive to both young families and retirees.

A non-water-accessing property will cost you around $665,000. A water-accessing property comes in around $1,895,000, for a 5,000 sq ft home.

Venice Farms

If there’s an equestrian inside of you raring to hit the outride trails, Venice Farms is your area.

Situated on the eastern side of Venice, Venice Farms has big living spaces that start at a minimum of five acres, stretching to over 100 acres. Property values are quite diverse, ranging from the upper $200,000 price bracket to $927,500. So you’ll be able to find a property that suits your budget and cost of living in Venice, Florida.

And it’s not out of place to see girl scouts trot up to your front door on horseback selling Girl Scout cookies!

Grand Palm

Grand Palm is the best neighborhood for families and retirees, with its primary selling point being its proximity to amenities. From parks to water slides and hiking trails, fitness centers, and activities, you’ll also find that Grand Palm is zoned for Venice Middle School. The A-rated Taylor Ranch Elementary is also nearby.

Villas and single-family homes are priced from $229,500 to $459,900.

IslandWalk At The West Villages

For those who love socializing, you’ve just found your neighborhood – IslandWalk At The West Villages. With elegant clubhouses, tropical resorts, and lap pools, the area also has tennis and pickleball courts, bocce ball, a fitness center, and fire pits.

Current property listings range between $295,900 and $499,900.


To rent a home, these are the median prices you’ll be looking at per month to factor into your cost of living in Venice, Florida. A one-bedroom apartment in the city center will cost you $1,433, while an apartment outside of the city center is around $1,166 per month.

A three-bedroom apartment in the city center will cost around $2,433 per month, and outside of the city center, $1,950 per month.

If your aim is to purchase an apartment, you’ll pay around $7,051.30 per sq mt. for an apartment in the city center, and $1,721.55 outside of the city center.


Utilities are below the state and national cost of living in Venice, Florida, meaning you’ll pay 3% less for utilities in Venice than the Florida national average.

For your basic utilities, you’ll be paying around $160.68 p/m, which covers your water and lights, heating, cooling, and garbage.

Internet with uncapped data and 60+ Mbps upload/download will cost you in the range of $60 p/m. And for your mobile tariffs, you’ll be paying around $0.05 per minute.

Salaries And Jobs

The average basic salary in Venice, Florida, is around $56,706 annually, with an average hourly rate of around $27.26.

Some of the most popular jobs and their annual salaries are:

Food And Restaurants

Groceries are more expensive in Venice, Florida than they are in comparison to the national average. Coming in at 106.8 points on the cost-of-living index, you’ll be lightening your wallet a little more when doing your monthly grocery shop.

Some general examples of pricing include:

Eating Out

Eating out in Venice, Florida, is a great way to enjoy the community vibe of the city while treating your taste buds to some of the delicious eateries around.

Venice is known for its fantastic fresh seafood, and you can get some wonderful ingredients for a cook-at-home seafood meal. 

Maggie’s offers one of the largest collections of fresh, local, wild-caught seafood, and orders can be placed before market day every Saturday. 

For ten to 15 jumbo headless shrimp, you’ll be looking at paying around $9.13. Or grab some Florida Middle Neck clams for that hearty chowder for around $18 for 50 clams.

Or head over to Sharky’s On The Pier which is great for you and the kids. Sharky’s has been voted Florida’s Best Beach Bar and has great live local music along with a really tasty menu. From starters of Beach Fries at $7.50 or Crab Stuffed Mushrooms at $17.00 to Sharky’s signature Rice Bowl which ranges from $14.00 to $26.00, or one of their fresh salads ranging from $5.00 for a side to $26.00 for a Boathouse Salad.

Seafood isn’t all that Venice Island has to offer though. There are numerous Italian, Indian, Turkish, and American-style cafes too, to satisfy the urge for a juicy steak or handmade burger. Some options to try are Brew Burgers, Chaz 51 Steakhouse, Gold Rush BBQ, Cassarino Italian Eatery, and Baiyoke Thai Bistro.


Venice is not known for its public transport system, so you may hit a spot of trouble if you don’t own a car. The city doesn’t own its bus service but relies on the Sarasota County Area Transit (SCAT), which only operates 17 bus routes in an area of around 700 square miles.

The regular bus fare is about $1.25 for a single trip, with a 30-day regional pass costing $60. Children under the age of five ride for free. Students and retirees pay discounted fares, with students being able to get hold of a student pass for $30 in certain seasons. Over 80s ride free as well.

But, if you want to get around independently, then you’ll need to buy a car. Luckily, Florida is said to be one of the USA states where buying a used car is the cheapest. It has the largest concentration of used car dealers, which drives competition and better pricing.

To put this into perspective, you’ll be paying around $1,000 less for a car in Florida than elsewhere in the United States.

Some of the pricing you can expect to see is $32,097 for a 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Double Cab, and $29,897 for a 2020 Nissan Pathfinder SUV.


Venice’s healthcare costs are 17% higher than the national average, putting a big chunk into your cost of living in Venice, Florida. For a doctor’s visit, you’ll look at paying around $129.42; and a trip to the dentist will cost you $118.18. To have your eyes checked, you’ll pay around $121.27.

The average person will look at paying around $467 per person per month on healthcare, which will vary depending on your level of health. Florida residents can also take advantage of national healthcare programs such as the Florida Public Health Dental Program, and Florida KidCare.

The latter is a low-cost health insurance plan that starts from as little as $15 per child per month.


Another cost that families need to factor into their cost of living in Venice, Florida, is childcare. For a full day’s care at preschool or kindergarten, you’ll pay around $675.67 p/m, per child.

If you’re sending your child to an international primary school, you’ll look at paying around $17,450 per year.

Final Thoughts

Venice, Florida, is a wonderful environment to live in, with its close-knit community and warm, welcoming environment. Moving to the city is a breeze with the right help, getting you set up in your new home and ready to enjoy the lifestyle and activities of this charming city. If you are planning a move to or from Venice, Florida in the near future, consider working with the most recommended movers in Venice. The team at Movers With Manners will be more than happy to assist you with your upcoming move in any way we can.

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